Sennheiser Ushers in a new Class of RF Experts

2Wedemark, Germany, December 19, 2014: Nine months of hard work have paid off: a total of 19 wireless professionals from the worldwide Sennheiser organization have been awarded the coveted RF Expert certificate. The last of three on-site training sessions took place in Delhi, and in the meantime the new RF experts have been in action all over the world to provide support for Sennheiser customers and partners in their projects.

“The system of extensive online training and close supervision by mentors combined with several weeks of on-site training has proven itself,” said Kirsten Wessendorf, Manager Sennheiser Sound Academy, summarizing the training course. Meanwhile, some of the new RF experts have already completed their first major projects.

Ryan Burr from Sennheiser Middle East provided support for his client Doummar – Q2 Advanced Technology in planning the conference and entertainment facilities for the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre in Doha (Qatar). This included carrying out a thorough analysis of the wireless conditions at the location, planning the conference/interpreting systems and the wireless microphone channels, coordinating all wireless frequencies and programming and testing the systems on site.

3Ryan Burr: “This project is simply gigantic. Five conference rooms are equipped with ADN-W wireless conference systems with a total of 380 delegate units, while a further six have SR 2020/HDE 2020 interpreting systems with a total of 4,000 receivers. 150 channels of wireless microphones, mostly 5000/3000 systems, are used in the event venues. One room alone has 72 channels! It’s the largest single project that Sennheiser Middle East has ever worked on, and my further training as an RF expert came just at the right time for me.”

Vincent Tilgenkamp from Sennheiser Benelux has also earned the right to call himself an RF expert. In fact, he achieved top results in all tasks and was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award. He can also look back on a number of successful projects, including the hit TV show “Utopia”, devised by John de Mol and produced by Talpa, in which he supported the multimedia company Dutchview by providing a special wireless solution. Dutchview was faced with the daunting challenge of picking up the wireless microphone signals from the reality show participants over an area of 12,500 square metres. Vincent Tilgenkamp and his team succeeded in covering this vast area with a single rack of receivers and a number of antenna distribution combiners that were custom-built for Utopia (link to the report:

Tilgenkamp too is delighted with the RF expert course: “I particularly liked the on-site training sessions where we had to solve tricky problems. Our mentors made a lot of effort to manipulate the equipment, introduce all sorts of RF interference and additionally put us under time pressure. For example, they would invite a big audience to a concert and ask us to get the band miked and the RF wireless systems running in virtually no time at all! In the end, of course, the audience was let in on time and enjoyed a top-quality gig.”

The Sennheiser Group based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1945 and has gone on to become a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Sales in 2013 totaled 590.4 million euros. Sennheiser employs more than 2,500 staff worldwide and operates plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The company has a worldwide network of subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark (Nordic), Russia, Hongkong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. It also has long-established trading partners in other countries. Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, a maker of studio microphones and monitor speakers, and Sennheiser Communications A/S, a joint venture making headsets for PCs, offices and call centers, are also part of the Sennheiser Group.

More up-to-date information about Sennheiser is available on the internet at

Image captions:
RF Experts.jpg: The new Sennheiser RF experts with their mentors

Outstanding Achievement.jpg: Vincent Tilgenkamp (2nd from l.) achieved the top results and was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award by Eric Denise (Global Sales Vice President APAC), Volker Schmitt (Director Product Lifecycle Management Professional) and his mentor Sam Davison (from l. to r.)

Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library Sale Ends December 31st

30 discounted units available for freelance sound designers

NEW YORK, NY : ’Tis the Season for the annual Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library sale and only 30 units remain available at $1500. After December 31, the Hybrid Library will go back up to $2500 for qualified freelance sound designers.

“The Hybrid Library is a big studio library valued at over $10,000,” says Douglas Price, Founder & President of Pro Sound Effects. “Since 2012, we have supported independent media creators with affordable access to the same sonic resources used by big production companies worldwide. We always release a limited number of units towards the end of the year give freelancers the best possible price for the most competitive sonic arsenal going into the New Year.”

On November 1st, Pro Sound Effects released 100 Hybrid Library units at $1500. As of December 17th, only 30 units remain. To reserve one of these Hybrid Libraries, you can go to the Hybrid Library Application page.

Hybrid Library Key Features:

- 56,477 Sound Effects on Hard Drive: 338 GB of professional sound delivered on flashy Hybrid-branded USB 3.0 hard drive
- Spans the Sonic Spectrum A to Z: Categories include Ambiences, Animals, History, Nature, Science Fiction, Technology, Warfare and beyond
- World-Class Recordists : we curate sound effects content from the top recordists and sound designers including Blastwave FX, BBC, BOOM, Foundation, Sound Control SE, and beyond
- Online Access to 215,000+ sounds from any computer through the Pro Sound Effects Online Library
- Masterful Metadata for lightning fast, pinpoint searches. Compatible with Soundminer, NetMix, Basehead, AudioFinder, iTunes, and beyond.
- Free Annual Updates: 2014 Update includes 400 new sounds (6.4 GB) from Blastwave FX plus enhanced metadata
- 100% Royalty-Free Lifetime License

View Full Hybrid Library Features, Videos, Audio Demos & Reviews

In 2014, Pro Sound Effects released a number of videos and blog post highlighting how the Hybrid Library is used by sound designers to get a leg up in their career and productions performance:
Hybrid Library Season 3 Product Video
Sound Designer Spotlight: Ryan Billia (Rumble Audio, Brooklyn NY)
How I Work 1: Matt Piersall (Gl3KK, Austin TX)
How I Work 2: Will Morton (Solid Audioworks, Scotland UK)

About Pro Sound Effects:

Pro Sound Effects® curates and delivers the Next Level sound effects library for media producers worldwide. The Pro Sound Effects Library is 220,000+ royalty-free sounds effects available both online and on hard drive. The Library spans the entire sonic spectrum and is continually updated. Founded in 2004, Pro Sound Effects is relied upon by top freelancers and big media production companies worldwide.

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Dialogue Editor Editor Relies on iZotope’s Audio Toolkit

Bringing the Voices of Middle Earth to Life with RX 4 Audio Repair

Cambridge, MA. December 19, 2014 – iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, revealed that Ray Beentjes, dialogue editor for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, has made extensive use of iZotope’s RX 4 audio repair and enhancement toolkit to capture more of the actors’ on-set dialogue-resulting in more emotional performances and more impactful storytelling.

When Beentjes began working on The Lord of the Rings fifteen years ago, many of the actors’ best performances were unusable, often contaminated with noise from production equipment and the surrounding environment. In the end, only 5-10% of the original location audio was usable for the final cut, because the production team didn’t have a solution for salvaging the troubled audio.

“An actor could have delivered a stellar performance on location, but the audio would often be unusable,” Beentjes points out. “They would then have to spend hours in a dubbing room re-recording their lines, and due to the complexity of the production, they might be covering what was six months’ worth of filming in a two-day ADR session. That often makes it very difficult to create the same mood again,” explains Beentjes.

The audio team began searching for a solution that would enable them to rescue troubled audio from the best on-location performances and chose iZotope’s RX audio repair software, which Beentjes describes as a “game changer.” Today, the team is able to save more than 80% of the original production dialogue, and blend in ADR seamlessly when required.

“RX has been fantastic, and we’ve developed a completely different workflow,” Beentjes says. “Now we can focus on finding the best performances from the original material delivered by the actors. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh love utilizing production audio over ADR where possible if it sells the performance better, and then it’s up to us to clean up that audio and get it working. That’s their gold, and that’s where the magic is for us.”

After the resounding success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Beentjes and the team took on an equally epic project with the Hobbit trilogy. The films utilized cutting-edge camera technology, which presented Beentjes and the Dialogue team with a new set of technical challenges.

Instead of the normal 24 fps frame-rate, the films were shot in 3D at 48 fps, which required many of the lights to be re-engineered for flicker-free operation to avoid visual strobing. Unfortunately, the new lights and control methods often introduced extra high-frequency noise from 3 to 8 kHz-significantly interfering with dialogue clarity. However, using the Denoiser feature in RX 4, Beentjes was able to remove many of the artifacts created by the new lighting, while preserving the crisp definition of the original dialogue.

Another key feature Beentjes utilized in RX 4 was Spectral Repair, which enabled him to isolate and remove unwanted sounds, even during long passages of audio. For The Desolation of Smaug – the second film in the Hobbit series – a large part of the film takes place on a desolate mountain, devoid of animal and human life. Unfortunately, there were birds and other distracting noises all over the audio track.

“The magic of Spectral Repair is actually being able to take away the sounds that would take the audience out of the scene,” says Beentjes. “It could be a very important line, and there’s a Cessna prop plane taking off from a nearby airport that’s buzzing through the track. With Spectral Repair, we can go in and remove sounds that are completely out of context for the scene.”

The powerful tools in RX have not only advanced Beentjes’ workflow, they have helped the entire audio post team. Beentjes is now able to deliver dialogue to the re-recording mixers that is clean and sonically neutral-a process that used to require massive amounts of time and expensive studio equipment. Mixers are now able to spend more of their time and energy focusing solely on the mix.

“RX has really come into its own with RX 4 and the ability to run the standalone program connected to Pro Tools (via the RX Connect feature). What used to take us a couple of hours is now taking 20 minutes, which ends up saving the editors thousands of hours over the course of a project,” remarks Beentjes. “We are able to create material that is effectively the same as what would come out of a dubbing suite.”

“Like a person who is retouching photographs or restoring a historical film, I love the ability to rebuild or restore things,” Beentjes concludes. “RX 4 is the most complete set of tools we have, and I’m looking forward to whatever’s next. Each version drastically improves what we can do.”

Learn more about RX 4 at

About iZotope, Inc.
iZotope makes innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, iZotope has spent over a decade developing award-winning products and audio technologies for professionals and hobbyists alike. Used by millions of people in over 50 countries, iZotope products are a core component of GRAMMY-winning music studios, Oscar- and Emmy-winning film and TV post production studios, and prominent radio studios, as well as basement and bedroom studios across the globe. Through a robust licensing program, iZotope also powers products made by industry partners such as Adobe, Avid, Microsoft, and Sony. iZotope was recently honored with an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for its flagship audio repair suite, RX®.
For more information on iZotope products, please visit

Powersoft’s Revolutionary Deva Messaging System Makes its U.S. Debut at RiverRink, One of Philadelphia’s Most Famous Holiday Attractions

Deva Combines Pristine Audio, LED Lighting, Messaging and Security Features into a Compact, Eco-Friendly Unit

1Philadelphia, December 15, 2014: Each year at the end of November, thousands of tourists and Philadelphians flock to RiverRink at Penn’s Landing to celebrate the onset of winter and the holiday season. For over 20 years, the Olympic Size skating rink has been a focal point one of the City’s most enduring holiday traditions. This year, RiverRink is the centerpiece of a ‘pop up’ winter garden that features a magical winter landscape complete with Christmas trees, cozy fire pits and spectacular views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River. RiverRink is also the site of the very first U.S. installation of Powersoft’s Deva — a revolutionary new messaging system that is helping cities like Philadelphia embrace ‘smart city’ applications.

For the thousands of skaters that attend RiverRink each day, the Powersoft Deva system delivers up to 115 dBs of pristine audio — while consuming a diminutive physical footprint and remaining completely energy independent. Two of the Deva units are programmed to take photos of skaters at regular intervals, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. After the rink closes, the system — which is controlled over a wireless LAN — is able to provide intelligent surveillance and active monitoring of the premises.

2Williamsport, MD-based Live Sound Co., which handled design and integration of the Deva system, was given a preview of the Deva system over a year ago by Claudio Lastrucci, Research & Development Director at Powersoft. “Our first installation of Deva is the culmination of our efforts with Powersoft, and their incredible engineering vision,” commented Jeremiah Leiter, President of Live Sound Co. “When we turned the units on and they were working exactly as we hoped they would, it was such a feeling of pride. We don’t just want to sell products to our clients, we want to help them solve problems. This is exactly what the Powersoft’s Deva enables us to do.”

A Small Revolution in a Smart City
The Philadelphia RiverRink installation is comprised of four Deva units mounted on two steel poles on opposite sides of the skating rink. A fifth Deva unit is mounted on a pole and pointed towards the entrance of the rink. Each unit — which measures approximately 12″ x 18″ and weighs just under 22 lbs. — comprises an active loudspeaker, an interactive messaging system, high powered LED lighting, an FM tuner, built in GPS, presence sensors, Wi-Fi and many other intelligent features.

3In all his years of doing systems integration work, Live Sound Co. Chief Operating Officer Nik Mondo has never seen such a revolutionary product. “As far as I know, there is no other product on the market that combines such a compelling feature set,” he says. “The icing on the cake is that they can be solar powered and have a built-in battery, so they don’t require external power sources. This means that you don’t have to worry about the typical power restrictions that might be faced in other scenarios with other competing products on the marketplace.”

While the RiverRink installation was initially set up as a ‘proof of concept’ to demonstrate Deva’s features and functionality, Nik Mondo, who hails from the City of Brotherly Love, is confident that the council will soon find other ‘smart city’ applications for the unit: “I would like to see Deva installed alongside the trails along the Delaware River, all the way to South Philadelphia,” he says. “Such a system could provide messaging and an added measure of assurance and security for pedestrians, especially in areas where there is not a lot of lighting or public infrastructure.”

4“Security is such an important consideration for just about any metro area,” Mondo continues. “On this product, there is a light, a camera, an FM tuner, a motion sensor and a speaker all in one. So if somebody walks in front of the unit, it can trigger a predefined message — or it can photograph surroundings at predefined intervals. All of this activity can be monitored from any location via the network.”

Design Intelligence, Ease of Integration
Deva’s intelligent product design carries through to its unmatched ease of installation: “We can install each unit in about seven minutes,” says Mondo. “The mounting and set up is very simple and exactly what you would expect from Powersoft.” The power is supplied via solar panels, which are positioned and clamped directly to the truss above each unit.” As engineers, designers, installers and integrators, we are used to dealing with complex levels of components, software and other considerations to make things work right,” says Leiter. “Deva is a joy for us because it is so easy to get it up and running — all the functionality you could ask for is at the ready for the end user.”

5Once the system was up and running at RiverRink, the audio quality did not disappoint. “When we first fired it up and played music in the rink, all the audio engineers and staff had smiles on their faces. The audio was crisp, clear and articulate,” Mondo says. Initially, he was concerned that the four Deva units would not cover the 98′ x 200′ rink space, due to their modest — yet sleek — physical presence. “I was extremely worried that four units may not cover all that space,” he recalls “To my surprise and excitement, they audio covered the entire rink with ease and even bled out into other areas beyond the rink when we needed it to.”

6Having completed its first successful Deva installation at RiverRink, Live Sound Co. is eager to approach other new markets with Powersoft’s latest solution, which is among the first to combine such valuable features in a physically compact and ecologically minded design. New markets and potential applications include amusement parks, zoos, campus environments and other city municipalities — all of which could likely benefit from Deva’s interactive messaging and security features. “We really believe in this product since it represents a potential solution for so many things,” says Samuel Leiter, Executive VP, Live Sound Co. “We have an open invitation for any city official in the U.S. to visit us in Philadelphia to preview what these units could do in their own cities.”

To learn more about Powersoft’s Deva, please visit: For more information on Live Sound Co., contact Nikolas Mondo at or by phone at 1-800-977-5350.

About Powersoft
Powersoft is the world leader in lightweight, high power, single rack space, energy efficient amplifiers for the professional audio market. Founded in Italy in 1995, headquartered in Florence, Italy, with offices in Ventura, CA, Powersoft couples the experience and precision of its production department with exceptional components to deliver products with perfect audio response and high performance reliability. Its state-of-the-art amplifiers can be found in an array of markets, ranging from stadiums, sporting arenas, theme parks, performance venues and airports to convention centers, churches and clubs, and are used by the world’s leading tour sound companies. For more information, visit the Powersoft website @

1) The Powersoft Deva messaging system was recently installed at Philadelphia’s RiverRink ice rink.
2) For over 20 years, RiverRInk has been a focal point one of the City’s most enduring holiday traditions.
3) Closeup of one of the towers supporting Powersoft’s Deva solution at Philadelphia’s RiverRink.
4) The Powersoft Deva features an intelligent design in a small footprint.
5) Video featuring Powersoft’s Deva.
6) Philadelphia’s RiverRink, which features Powersoft’s Deva messaging system, is the centerpiece of a ‘pop up’ winter garden that features a magical winter landscape complete with Christmas trees, cozy fire pits and spectacular views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River.

Antelope Audio Announces Special Christmas Pricing on Two of its Most Popular Products: Zen Studio and Orion32

Antelope Audio to Provide a Free Embroidered Protective Gear Bag with Each Purchase of a Zen Studio

Santa Monica, Calif., December 11, 2014 – Just in time for the Christmas season, Antelope is spreading holiday cheer through the audio community, offering discounts on its most popular professional products: the Zen Studio portable pro interface and the Orion32 multi-channel AD/DA converter.

discountBetween now and December 31st, 2014, Antelope Audio is offering the Orion32 at a special, discounted price of $2,795 [instead of its regular price of $2,995], while the Zen Studio is being offered at just $2,295 [instead of its regular price of $2,495]. As part of the special holiday promotion, a free, Zen Studio embroidered protective gear bag will be included with each purchase of a Zen Studio.

To learn more about Antelope’s Christmas promotion, or for additional details on the Zen Studio or Orion32, customers can visit Holiday discounts are available at any of Antelope’s authorized dealers, a list of which can be found here:

gear“Antelope’s converters and interfaces are the perfect gift for anyone who aspires to achieving pristine audio in their signal chain,” said Marcel James, Director of Sales and Marketing for Antelope Audio USA. “For professionals and high end project studios, the Orion32 brings an unmatched I/O capacity in addition to flexible routing options. Meanwhile, the Zen Studio, which features our world-class preamplifier technology, is perfect for musicians, home studios, or anyone who wants state of the art studio quality while on the road.”

Both the Orion32 and the Zen Studio have been recognized with Outstanding Technical Achievement nominations by the TEC Foundation — in 2013 and 2014 respectively. More recently, the Zen Studio won an Innovative Product Award in Mix/PAR’s first Reader’s Choice awards and Orion32 was nominated for a Sound on Sound 2015 Award.

The TEC Awards will be announced at the 2015 NAMM Show, being held in Anaheim, California next month. To learn more about Orion32 or Zen Studio, please visit

About Antelope Audio
Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional audio equipment and the pioneer in the adoption of Atomic clock generators.

The company utilizes Igor Levin’s more than 20 years’ experience in digital audio to develop professional and consumer high-end products with the signature Antelope Audio sound. The company employs proprietary clocking and jitter management technologies as well as custom-designed digital and analog circuits to provide both professional audio engineers and music aficionados with unprecedented musicality, sound stage and clarity.

Antelope is the first to design a 1U 32-channel audio interface and a multi-channel portable interface with 12 mic pres. Antelope’s breakthrough technologies are offering both studio and live audio engineers great productivity and flexibility.

The company’s customers include many Grammy award-winning sound engineers and some of the most renowned recording, mastering and post-production facilities around the globe.

DPA Appoints New Distributors In South East Asia and Taiwan

AV-United, Ken Kimura & Chin Foo Heng

DPA Microphones has reorganised its distribution channels in South East Asia by appointing new distributors in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Ken Kimura, DPA’s general manager for the APAC region, says the appointments reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to develop new business channels and support DPA’s influential customer base.

“Sales in virtually every APAC country are showing growth as the market recognises the quality and breadth of DPA’s product range,” he says.

Francis Lai, DPA’s Regional Sales Manager, continues: “With our new distribution channels in place, we are now better able to promote DPA microphones and increase brand awareness in many industry areas including broadcast, film, theatre, installation, conferencing and security.”

The new appointments include AV United in Malaysia (; Vision One Co. Ltd in Thailand (; Pro AVL in Vietnam (; Promedia in Indonesia ( and Shin Lee Sheng Music Corp. (SLS) in Taiwan.

Chin Foo Heng, Managing Director of AV United says: “We are very proud to be appointed as DPA distributor in Malaysia as this not only enhances our company status but also enables AV-United to deliver unique high quality microphones and thereby lead the industry to a higher standard. DPA Microphones is a reference, a standard, a MUST-HAVE item in the audio solution.”

Tanapat Mongkolkosol, Managing Director of Vison One, Thailand, adds: “We guide our customers by identifying which equipment is the best solution for them. DPA is one of these solutions because it offers high quality microphones that are easy to use, with great sonic results fit for recording and live sound productions.”

For more information please contact Ken Kimura at

About DPA
DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to provide you – whether you’re in live sound, recording, theater or broadcast – with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for your tasks. DPA takes no shortcuts in the design processes nor makes any compromises in manufacturing, which is all done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability, and above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.
For more information, please visit


Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V3Available Now, New Features Include Meta-Data Editing And Batch Processing

OXFORD, UK: Fraunhofer IIS, a leading international developer of audio and multimedia technologies, and groundbreaking plug-in designer/manufacturer Sonnox Ltd., have announced the launch of Pro-Codec Version 3. Introduced in 2011 to universal acclaim, the original Pro-Codec set new standards for real-time auditioning and mixing for online distribution. Version 3 represents a significant update to that innovation with the addition of a standalone ‘manager’ application, which facilitates metadata editing and batch processing capabilities, making the task of encoding multiple files substantially more efficient

The Fraunhofer Pro-Codec is the single most powerful audio encoding plug-in for digital audio workstations. It integrates Fraunhofer’s AAC and mp3 codecs including MPEG Surround and multi-channel AAC formats for surround mixing, and Apple’s iTunes+ codec for mixing directly for the Mastered for iTunes program (Mac version only).

Pro-Codec Version 3 adds 64-bit compatibility and AAX support, as well as supporting existing formats such as RTAS, Audio Units and VST. It is available immediately at a retail price of $495.00 USD (£295.00 GBP)*

Features include:

Supported Codecs:

– mp3, Apple AAC iTunes+ [Mac only], AAC-LC, HE-AAC, and HE-AAC v2
– mp3 Surround, MPEG Surround, AAC-LC multi-channel, HE-AAC multi-
* Comprehensive real-time auditioning with glitchless switching
* 64-bit compliant (AAX / AU / VST)
* Batch encoding of multiple files
* Metadata editing
* AB auditioning in real time between codecs, or between codec and input signal
* High resolution display
* Compatible with many digital audio workstation applications, such as:
– Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sequoia. (Mac and PC)


*Existing owners may upgrade at no additional cost. iLok2 required.

Photo The Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V3 is available now.

For more information please visit:

Talamas Sound Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Sennheiser by its Side

For More than Three Decades, Company Has Ushered Customers Through Technology Evolutions in Broadcast Audio, with a Little Help From Sennheiser

SennheiserOld Lyme, Conn. – December 10, 2014 –Dave Talamas started Newton, MA -based Talamas Sound in July 1979. Talamas wasted no time building on its foundation of now time-tested principles: an unwavering commitment to customer service, a willingness to anticipate trends in the industry and an emphasis on main-taining strong relationships. Sennheiser Electronic Corporation was among the first companies with which Talamas Sales and Rentals developed a lasting relationship.

With its deep knowledge of broadcast, audio and video technologies and a commitment to be more than a ‘box house,’ Talamas soon developed a loyal customer base. “I remember one of my first sales was the Sennheiser MKH 804 shotgun microphone — a predecessor of the current MKH 8070,” says Talamas, who is now CEO of the company. “Since then, Sennheiser has continually evolved their entire product line. When the 5000 wireless series was introduced, it became the stand-ard on Broadway, while the 2000 series was almost immediately adopted by the broadcast market. The EK 3041 camera-mounted true diversity receiver was also a game changer; the producers loved it because it was small, light, and very reliable.”

Talamas Sound has worked alongside Sennheiser to support its more recent innovations as well, such as the Digital 9000 wireless system — which he sees as an important step forward for the industry as spectrum challenges become more pervasive: “The new digital systems Sennheiser is developing, such as the Digital 9000, utilize bandwidth much more efficiently, and without compression. This is so important because the next generation of broadcasters will not be using the same frequency bands given the shrinking spectrum they will be facing.”

Innovation, Education and Relationships
SK_9000In addition to bringing its customers up to speed on important issues facing the broadcast industry such as the potential implications of the FCC’s impending spectrum repacking, Talamas Sales and Rentals also routinely educates end-users on topics such as microphone techniques and wireless microphone applications. Last month, at its new 1,400 square foot meeting space, the company hosted Sennheiser’s David Missall for a seminar covering these and other important broadcast production considerations.

While the broadcast technology landscape may have changed dramatically over the last three decades, some things haven’t changed, including the company’s longevity with customers, vendors and its own employees: “We have maintained our integrity over the course of our history,” says Diane Talamas, Chief Financial Officer of Talamas Sound. “We have always been there for our customers, as Sennheiser has always been there for us. During our relationship with Sennheiser, they have always stood behind their products, and for us, this is key. If an issue comes up, they help resolve it and will never walk away from the problem.”

For Dave Talamas, it all comes back to relationships: “Our relationship with Sennheiser has been so important because without the unwavering support and close relationship of the manufacturer, we could not have become what we are now,” he concludes. “In many ways, our company shares similar values to Sennheiser: we are customer oriented and have a deep technological expertise.” As for the quality, in all his 35 years, there has never been a question. “When I am offering a client a Sennheiser product, I don’t talk them up — I just have them listen.”

1) From left to right: Diane Talamas, CFO, Sales Manager, Talamas Sales and Rentals; Greg Beebe, President, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, Chris Clay, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Professional Systems, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, Dave Talamas, President , Talamas Sales and Rentals; Peter Claussen, President Professional & Integrated Systems, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG; Michael Cleary, Area Sales Manager, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. (Photo credit: Michael Duca)

2) The Sennheiser SK 9000 digital wireless transmitter

About Talamas Sales and Rentals
Talamas has been serving the digital cinema, video, broadcast, theater, educational, and production industries for 35 years. Over that time the Newton, MA-based company has earned a reputation for technical know-how and unparalleled customer service. Founded in 1979 by Dave Talamas, the company has responded to innovations in audio and video technology by bringing state-of-the-art gear to professionals in the Boston area, throughout the United States and across the globe.

About Sennheiser
The Sennheiser Group based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1945 and has gone on to become a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Sales in 2013 totaled 590.4 million euros. Sennheiser employs more than 2,500 staff worldwide and operates plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The company has a worldwide network of subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark (Nordic), Russia, Hongkong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. It also has long-established trading partners in other countries. Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, a maker of studio microphones and monitor speakers, and Sennheiser Communications A/S, a joint venture making headsets for PCs, offices and call centers, are also part of the Sennheiser Group.

More up-to-date information about Sennheiser is available on the Internet at

Legendary Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick and REDD.47 Preamp capture Dweezil Zappa session

Dweezil Zappa, Geoff Emerick, REDD.47 Preamp, Chandler Limited, Abbey Road Studios, EMILos Angeles CA, December 2014…

When in conversation with Dweezil Zappa and he casually says, I’m doing this session with Geoff Emerick for my new album… And Chandler Limited is on the cusp of releasing the REDD.47 pre-amp… Well, that’s meant to be, right?

A couple days before Thanksgiving, the behemoth Chandler Limited rack, including two REDD.47 pre-amps, was on hand for Dweezil’s strings and horns session with legendary Beatles’ engineer Geoff Emerick. The session date took place at Dweezil Zappa’s longtime friend and engineer Craig Adams’ Winslow Court studio, Los Angeles.

While we were pleased that our REDD.47 microphone pre-amps got the ‘they’ve got the sound’ thumbs-up from such an esteemed group of ears, we were blown away by the music produced, can you say epic? Filled with scene and set changes, and mood lit from the tapestry of music history, let’s just say Dweezil can compose some seriously good emotional music, and Geoff Emerick captures it as only he can.

To see video from the session, and learn more about Dweezil Zappa’s new album, check it out at Pledge Music.

Audio-Technica Names Millar Electronics New Rep Firm for Southeastern U.S.

STOW, OH — Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 50 years, appoints Apex, North Carolina-based Millar Electronics as its new manufacturer’s rep firm for the southeastern U.S., including the region encompassing Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
In existence since 1924, Millar Electronics specializes in the pro audio and A/V integration industries. The announcement was made by David Marsh, Audio-Technica Director of Sales, Professional Markets, and signifies A-T’s continued emphasis on growth in all markets, particularly installed sound.

Millar Electronics Principal Herman Civils (Outside Sales, NC/SC Region) will be joined in representing A-T by team members Pete Petty (Outside Sales, NC/TN Region), Bryan Civils (Outside Sales, NC/SC Region), Jerry Silhavy (Outside Sales, GA Region), Jack McGehee (Outside Sales, AL/MS/West TN Region), Linda Crofton (Inside Sales) and John Herr (Product Support). A-T is the latest addition to Millar’s brand roster, which also includes such lauded manufacturers as Community Pro, Fulcrum Acoustic, InFocus, König & Meyer, Lowell Manufacturing and Symetrix.

“As we continue to pursue growth in all areas, the installed sound market has grown into a major point of focus for our company,” stated David Marsh. “We have been a leader in product introductions for this sector, with innovations including UniPoint and our Engineered Sound® Series, and the first wired Dante™ boundary microphone, as examples, so we need to make certain that we are partnered with the best rep firms with roots in both installed sound and retail. Millar Electronics embodies this trait, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship with their team.”

Herman Civils added, “Millar Electronics is proud to add Audio-Technica to the roster of brands we represent. We like to partner with the best the industry has to offer, and Audo-Technica’s reputation speaks for itself. We believe that collaboration and support flowing between manufacturer, rep and vendor are critical for the success of all three, and we look forward to fostering this line of communication moving forward.”


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