135th Audio Engineering Society Convention Opening Ceremonies Includes Presentation of Annual AES Awards

— AES Awards to honor individuals of distinction in the AES organization and the wider art
and science of audio engineering —

New York, NY, October 16, 2013 — The opening ceremonies of the 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, in Room 1E15/16 at the Javits Center in New York City) features the presentation of this year’s AES Awards, along with remarks from AES Executive Director Bob Moses, AES President Frank Wells, and AES 135th Convention Chair Jim Anderson, as well as a keynote address from noted audio researcher Josh McDermott. The award ceremony will be hosted by Jim Kaiser, AES Awards Committee Chair.

The awards include the following:

The GOLD MEDAL AWARD, given in recognition of outstanding achievements, sustained over a period of years, in the field of audio engineering, is being presented to:

FLOYD TOOLE in recognition for outstanding contributions to theory, practice, and international standards in the area of subjective and objective evaluation of loudspeakers in rooms.
RUDOLPH VAN GELDER in recognition for creating the legendary sound of jazz during six outstanding decades of recording.

The SILVER MEDAL AWARD, given in recognition of outstanding development or achievement in the field of audio engineering, is being presented to:

LAURENCE FINCHAM in recognition for a sustained series of significant contributions to electroacoustics and signal processing in the area of domestic sound reproduction.

The BOARD OF GOVERNORS AWARD, given for outstanding contributions to the Audio Engineering Society, is being presented to:

WILLIAM CRABTREE in recognition of co-chairing the 50th International AES Conference “Audio Education” in Murfreesboro, TN, USA, on July 25–27, 2013.
MICHAEL FLEMING in recognition of co-chairing the 50th International AES Conference “Audio Education” in Murfreesboro, TN, USA, on July 25–27, 2013.
JANOS GYORI in recognition of his chairing the 132nd International AES Convention in Budapest, Hungary, on April 26–29, 2012.
MICHAEL KELLY in recognition of his chairing the 49th International AES Conference “Audio for Games” in London, UK, on February 6–8, 2013.
JIM MCTIGUE in recognition of co-chairing the 133rd International AES Convention in San Francisco, CA, USA, on October 26–29, 2012.
JAN ABILDGAARD PEDERSEN in recognition of his chairing the 48th International AES Conference “Automotive Audio” in Munich, Germany, on September 21–23, 2012.
VALERIE TYLER in recognition of co-chairing the 133rd International AES Convention in San Francisco, CA, USA, on October 26–29, 2012.
UMBERTO ZANGHIERI in recognition of his chairing the 134th International AES Convention in Rome, Italy, on May 4–7, 2013.

The FELLOWSHIP AWARD, given to a member who has rendered conspicuous service, or is recognized to have made a valuable contribution to the advancement in or dissemination of knowledge of audio engineering or in the promotion of its application in practice, is being presented to:

THERESA LEONARD for her professional achievements and dedication to the Audio Engineering Society and to its education initiatives.
JOEL A. LEWITZ For contributions to the design of electroacoustics systems in architectural spaces, teaching and mentoring within the industry, and long association with the AES.
TIMOTHY SHUTTLEWORTH for significant contributions to digital audio product design and many years of service to the AES.

The CITATION AWARD, given in recognition of services or accomplishments that do not fit into any of the above categories, is being presented to:

BOZENA KOSTEK in recognition for her outstanding efforts as Editor to improve the quality, responsiveness, and impact of the Journal of the AES.

The HONORARY MEMBER designation, given to persons of outstanding repute and eminence in the science of audio engineering or its allied arts, is being given to:

RONALD E. UHLIG in recognition of his pioneering engineering achievements to enhance the film sound experience for the audience, including the development of international standard setting technology that allowed stereo variable area soundtracks to replace monaural film sound, and later, the development of digital data read/write capability for 35mm digital audio.

135th Audio Engineering Society Convention to Feature FREE Knowledge Center Presentations

— At The Knowledge Center, attendees will be treated to “information-rich” seminars and presentations on a wide variety of subjects and will include product information, demonstrations, product training, general
applications training and more —

New York, NY, October 16, 2013 — The upcoming 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York City) serves many functions to its attendees, but perhaps first and foremost it is where the broad worldwide audio community comes together to share knowledge and promote a healthy evolving industry. To that end, The Knowledge Center is a symposium where companies will share information on essentially any audio subject, including product debuts and information, demonstrations, product training and general applications training.

Knowledge Center events take place in Room 1E03 and include:

Friday, October 18, 11 am to 12:30 pm, iZotope Presents: Tips from a Pro: LIVE! Audio Woes in Music and Post Production. In a discussion led by Jonathan Wyner (Mastering Engineer, M-Works Mastering), Chris Shaw (Engineer and Producer: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen) and Jared Bartlett (Post Production Mixer, Clean Cuts) share their stories of audio gone wrong and how they saved the take. Hear about their audio production processes and see how their perspectives, from an array of audio job titles, can be applied to your audio workflow.

Saturday, October 19, 10 am to 11 am, Hal Leonard Corporation Presents: The Musical iPad.
Thousands of music apps—designed to assist you with every aspect of your life as a musician, hobbyist, student, or educator—are available for the iPad. Thomas Rudolph and Vincent Leonard guide you step by step through the most popular and productive musical apps for the iPad, demonstrating how to apply them in your musical life.

Saturday, October 19, 11 am to 12 pm, Hal Leonard Corporation Presents: Ableton Grooves
Ableton Grooves empowers you to create realistic-sounding drum grooves using Ableton Live and the Ableton Grooves Drum Racks, specifically created by certified Ableton Live trainer and presenter Josh Bess. The concepts demonstrated by Bess become stepping-stones to a new way of thinking and creating while introducing diverse groove styles.

Saturday, October 19, 1 pm to 2 pm, iZotope Presents – Tips from a Pro: LIVE! Sound Design for Trailer Music. Chances are, you’ve heard the work of Anthony Baldino in blockbuster movie trailers (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Zero Dark Thirty) or in your favorite video games (Tom Clancy: Splinter Cell Blacklist). Touching on topics such as sample sourcing, emerging technologies, and effects processing, this presentation aims to prompt even more creativity and ingenuity in sound design for a variety of applications, from sound sourcing to composition techniques.

Saturday, October 19, 2 pm to 3 pm, CharterOak Acoustic Devices Presents: Intelligent Compression In the Analog Domain. Utilizing a unique control circuit, a totally new approach to AGC, and entirely discrete electronics, the CharterOak SCL-1 provides completely artifact-free compression. The device achieves this through waveform differentiation and integration. The SCL-1 employs a rectifier circuit that has a parabolic average charge curve. The intent of the circuit is to provide fast releases of rhythmic and staccato peaks and longer releases of legato notes within the user-established range of dynamic compression, which release to a continually changing average level or sustained music, which is determined by the parabolic charge curve of the storage capacitors. Michael Deming is the presenter.

Also as part of the Knowledge Center, on October 18, 19 and 20, at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm, Soundcraft will be holding Soundcraft MWP Si Training sessions on the Exhibition Floor, Booth T1. Join Soundcraft for hands-on training with the popular Si Expression and Si Performer series of digital audio consoles. Learn how to operate these consoles from factory expert and product specialist Tom Der, in a 90-minute training session right on the show floor. As well as surface operation, system configuration and facility integration will be discussed and demonstrated in detail; learn how to multitrack record via the latest in network technology such as Dante, MADI, and USB Firewire and how you can finally solve the master-slave issue between two consoles.

Steve Green, AES Business Development Manager, stated, “I believe The Knowledge Center is going to be a significant component of not only the 135th Convention, but also our future regional events and conventions. The Knowledge Center provides attendees current and practical information they can take home with them and incorporate in their daily work. It¹s great to have venue that allows companies and industry leaders to discuss the present and future of audio engineering technology with a commercial perspective not normally presented at the AES in such a relaxed environment.”

For further information on the 135th AES International Convention, please visit http://www.aes.org/events/135/.

135th Audio Engineering Society Convention Includes Presentation of “Best Paper Award” Distinctions

— Honors presented for Best Peer-Reviewed Papers and Best Student Papers —

New York, NY, October 15, 2013 — The 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York City) features the presentation of the annual AES “Best Peer-Reviewed Paper Award” and “Best Student Paper Award” distinctions, honoring outstanding achievement in academic papers presented at the convention. The awards are being presented by Brett Leonard and Tae Hong Park, 135th AES Convention Papers Co-chairs.

This year’s “Best Peer-Reviewed Paper Award” distinctions were presented to:

Esben Skovenborg and Thomas Lund (both of TC Electronic, Risskov, Denmark), for their paper “Level-Normalization of Feature Films Using Loudness vs Speech.”
Yoshito Sonoda and Toshiyuki Nakamiya (both of Tokai University, Kumamota, Japan), for their paper “Proposal of Optical Wave Microphone and Physical Mechanism of Sound Detection.”

This year’s “Best Student Paper Award” distinctions were presented to:

David Romblom, with co-authors Richard King and Catherine Guastavino (all of McGill University – Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology [CIRMMT]), for their paper “A Perceptual Evaluation of Room Effect Methods for Multichannel Spatial Audio.”
Teemu Koski, with co-authors Ville Sivonen and Ville Pulkki (all of Technical University of Denmark), for their paper “Measuring Speech Intelligibility in Noisy Environments Reproduced with Parametric Spatial Audio”

Abstract for “Level-Normalization of Feature Films Using Loudness vs Speech” (Convention Paper 8983):
We present an empirical study of the differences between level-normalization of feature films using the two dominant methods: loudness normalization and speech (“dialog”) normalization. The sound of 35 recent “blockbuster” DVDs were analyzed using both methods. The difference in normalization level was up to 14 dB, on average 5.5 dB. For all films the loudness method provided the lowest normalization level and hence the greatest headroom. Comparison of automatic speech measurement to manual measurement of dialog anchors shows a typical difference of 4.5 dB, with the automatic measurement producing the highest level. Employing the speech-classifier to process rather than measure the films, a listening test suggested that the automatic measure is positively biased because it sometimes fails to distinguish between “normal speech” and speech combined with “action” sounds. Finally, the DialNorm values encoded in the AC-3 streams on DVDs were compared to both the automatically and the manually measured speech levels and found to match neither one well.

Abstract for “Proposal of Optical Wave Microphone and Physical Mechanism of Sound Detection” (Convention Paper 8924):
An optical wave microphone with no diaphragm, which uses wave optics and a laser beam to detect sounds, can measure sounds without disturbing the sound field. The theoretical equation for this measurement can be derived from the optical diffraction integration equation coupled to the optical phase modulation theory, but the physical interpretation or meaning of this phenomenon is not clear from the mathematical calculation process alone. In this paper the physical meaning in relation to wave-optical processes is considered. Furthermore, the spatial sampling theorem is applied to the interaction between a laser beam with a small radius and a sound wave with a long wavelength, showing that the wavenumber resolution is lost in this case, and the spatial position of the maximum intensity peak of the optical diffraction pattern generated by a sound wave is independent of the sound frequency. This property can be used to detect complex tones composed of different frequencies with a single photo-detector. Finally, the method is compared with the conventional Raman-Nath diffraction phenomena relating to ultrasonic waves.

Abstract for “A Perceptual Evaluation of Recording, Rendering, and Reproduction Techniques for Multichannel Spatial Audio” (Convention Paper 9004):
The objective of this project is to perceptually evaluate the relative merits of two different spatial audio recording and rendering techniques within the context of two different multichannel reproduction systems. The two recordings and rendering techniques are “natural,” using main microphone arrays, and “virtual,” using spot microphones, panning, and simulated acoustic delay. The two reproduction systems are the 3/2 system (5.1 surround) and a 12/2 system, where the frontal L/C/R triplet is replaced by a 12-loudspeaker linear array. The perceptual attributes of multichannel spatial audio have been established by previous authors. In this study magnitude ratings of selected spatial audio attributes are presented for the above treatments and results are discussed.

Abstract for Measuring Speech Intelligibility in Noisy Environments Reproduced with Parametric Spatial Audio (Convention Paper 8952):
This work introduces a method for speech intelligibility testing in reproduced sound scenes. The proposed method uses background sound scenes augmented by target speech sources and reproduced over a multichannel loudspeaker setup with time-frequency domain parametric spatial audio techniques. Subjective listening tests were performed to validate the proposed method: speech recognition thresholds (SRT) in noise were measured in a reference sound scene and in a room where the reference was reproduced by a loudspeaker setup. The listening tests showed that for normally-hearing test subjects the method provides nearly indifferent speech intelligibility compared to the real-life reference when using a nine-loudspeaker reproduction setup in anechoic conditions (<0.3 dB error in SRT). Due to the flexible technical requirements, the method is potentially applicable to clinical environments.

Audio Engineering Society 2013 Election Results Announced

New York, NY, October 15, 2013 — In its 2013 elections, the membership of the Audio Engineering Society has elected or re-elected the following individuals to two-year terms:

Vice President Central Europe: Nadja Wallaszkovits
Vice President Central US and Canada: Michael Fleming
Vice President International: Toru Kamekawa
Vice President Latin America: Valeria Palomino
Governors: Jason Corey, James David Johnston, Josh Reiss

Post-election, a vacancy unexpectedly occurred in the incoming President Elect position. Candidate Andres Mayo will now fill that position following his appointment by the AES Board Of Governors (BOG). The newly elected board members and officers will participate as observers in BOG activities during the 135th AES Convention prior to beginning their terms on October 27, 2013.

Crisp, Binaural Sound Takes Leading Role as Neumann KU 100 “Dummy Head” Microphone Features in “Boom Up!” Short Film

Entire Film Shot in 3D from Boom Mic’s Perspective with Neumann & Sennheiser Capturing Sound, Revealing Behind-the-Scenes “Realities” of a Film Set

Old Lyme, Conn. – October 15, 2013: “Boom Up!” is a new short film by award-winning writer/director Guy Chachkes that challenges the traditional sensory perspective of the movie-going experience. The 12-minute film is shot entirely from the perspective of the boom microphone, with the audio experience playing the lead role. The “lead character” — or primary microphone used on set — was a Neumann KU 100 “dummy head” microphone mounted to a boom pole.

“Boom Up!” reveals a crew setting up for a low-budget sci-fi movie, not unlike François Truffaut’s “Day for Night” [1973] — a classic, Academy Award-winning film that also deals with the challenges that accompany the movie-making process. In “Boom Up!”, the viewer is actually a critical piece of recording equipment, omnipresent during the entire process, and often atop the actors. “Everyone is setting up for a scene,” explains Chachkes. “The electricians are setting up the lights, the producer is arguing with everyone on set, and scandals are brewing in the background — it’s a very ‘real world’ production.”

Since the film narration is inextricably tied to the point of view of the boom microphone, capturing a realistic, authentic sound was a fundamental concern during the filmmaking process. “Since the movie is called ‘Boom Up!’, it was very important to have the best possible sound. My producer [Jesse R. Tendler] came across the concept of recording in binaural surround sound, and after doing some research, we determined that the Neumann KU 100 would be perfect,” Chachkes recalls. “In most applications I’ve seen, the KU 100 microphone is stationary — but we moved it around with the camera itself. We pointed the ‘dummy head’ wherever the camera was looking, and it helped create a very realistic experience.”

The binaural sound picked up by the Neumann KU 100 was augmented by a Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic, which was also mounted to the pole. Additionally, there were (14) Sennheiser MKE 2 Gold sub-miniature omni-directional lavalier microphones positioned on the actors and crew, which were used in conjunction with (14) Sennheiser EM 300 G3 receivers and (14) SK 300 G3 bodypack transmitters. “We combined the binaural tracks from the Neumann KU 100 and Sennheiser MKH 416 with the other lavalier tracks, and it created this 3D sensation like you are right there with the actors. The sound is incredible!” says Chachkes.

The video for the movie was captured in a similarly unconventional fashion, using a GoPro 3D system consisting of two small cameras mounted to the boom pole. “We needed a camera that was high quality, yet light enough and durable enough to capture the exact motion of the boom pole to which it was attached,” says Chachkes.

Chachkes recalls his original inspiration for shooting such an unconventional film: “I was making another short. We were breaking for lunch one day and the sound guy let me hear the scene we had just shot with his headphones. The most interesting thing happened. After playback stopped, I could hear everything the boom mic was picking up, all of the private conversations of the cast and crew. I thought to myself, ‘This would be an amazing concept for a movie, just showing an active movie set from the perspective of a boom microphone that catches everyone’s interactions.’”

After Chachkes explained the concept to the film’s producer, Jesse R. Tendler, Tendler sent Chachkes a YouTube video that was made using the KU 100. “As soon as I heard it, I said ‘That’s it!’” he recalls. Chachkes says he couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the film, which has since been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and 11 other festivals for consideration.

About Neumann:

Georg Neumann GmbH, with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, is well-known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microphones. The company, which was established in 1928, has a long track record of world-leading product designs and has been recognized with a string of international awards for its technology innovations. From 2010, Neumann offers this expertise in electro-acoustic transducer technologies to the studio monitoring market, and will provide optimum solutions to its customers in the areas of TV and radio broadcasting, recording, and audio productions. Neumann is now the perfect partner for both the input and the output of the audio signal path. Neumann has manufacturing facilities in Germany (microphones) and Ireland (loudspeakers), and is represented in over 50 countries worldwide by Sennheiser subsidiaries, as well as by long-term trading partners. Georg Neumann GmbH is a Sennheiser Group company.

About Sennheiser:

Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones, and wireless transmission systems. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in 60 countries around the world with U.S. headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Sennheiser’s pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

You can find all the latest information on Sennheiser by visiting our website at www.sennheiserusa.com.

Photo captions:
1) Actor Chris Kapcia holds the “boom cam” above actresses Catherine Gibson (left) and Jessica Grant (right). Dummy head operator Arman Rogers stands behind.

2) The Neumann KU 100 “dummy head” binaural microphone.

3) Matt King (Sound Mixer & Associate Producer) setting up the Sennheiser EM 300 G3 wireless receivers.

The Audio Engineering Society Marks Its 65th Anniversary at the 135th AES Convention

— Organization looks back, reflecting on its involvement in the major technological and creative breakthroughs of the last seven decades, and prepares for the future of professional audio —

New York, NY, October 14, 2013 — The Audio Engineering Society (AES) was formed on March 11, 1948, with the purpose of uniting the audio engineering community; collecting, collating and disseminating scientific knowledge in audio and its allied arts; and creating literature and periodicals relative to these purposes and policies. Since its formation, the organization has been involved in every key development in professional audio technology. The very year the organization was founded saw the introduction of the microgroove 33-1/3 rpm long-play vinyl record (LP) by Columbia Records, Scotch’s type 111 and type 112 acetate-base tapes, and Magnecord’s PT-6, the first tape recorder in a portable case. This year’s 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York City) will celebrate that history and witness more history in the making.

The AES was there for each of the true milestones in audio, including the introduction of the 45 rpm, large-hole, 7-inch record (1949), surround sound (1953), “Sel-Sync” overdubbing (1955), Dolby’s Type A noise reduction (1965), the development of digital audio recording (1975-1980), the proposed MIDI standard (1981), the launch of the CD (1982), the arrival of Digidesign’s Sound Tools, the forerunner to Pro Tools (1987), and 24-bit/96 kHz recording (1996). The list goes on, including the introduction of seminal technologies such as TASCAM’s Portastudio, which some say precipitated the project studio trend, and the arrival of file-based music recording, distribution and consumption, which forever changed the way the culture looks at music.

The AES has been an integral part of almost all of the major technology advances of pro audio since it was founded. “Over the years, the AES convention has served as the industry’s technology incubator where new technologies are unveiled, discussed, perfected and deployed – often in the form of standards and best practices created by the AES Standards Committee,” explains Bob Moses, Executive Director of AES. Standards committee meetings held at the conventions leverage the resources and expertise of top researchers, engineers, academics, system designers, manufacturers and others in attendance. Recently, the AES announced the publication of AES67-2013, a new engineering standard for networked/streaming audio-over-IP interoperability. Past examples of standards work include the ubiquitous AES3 – aka AES/EBU – interface, AES10 (commonly known as MADI) and the AES26 XLR polarity standard. “Today’s standards groups are working on tomorrow’s new technologies such as networked audio, mobile formats, virtualization, and so on,” Moses continues. “The AES is also proud of its partnerships with other organizations such as The Recording Academy®, which result in exciting events like the annual GRAMMY SoundTables® panel with leading artists and engineer/producers discussing the secrets of their craft.” The Society of Professional Audio Services (SPARS) is another example. SPARS is heavily invested in the success of AES Mentoring activities.

As the AES turns 65 this year, it continues to be the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Outreach has increased, and currently over 14,000 members are affiliated with more than 75 AES professional sections and more than 95 AES student sections throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East. Section activities may include guest speakers, technical tours, demonstrations and social functions. Through local AES section events, members gain access to valuable opportunities for professional networking and personal growth.

The AES has been there into seven decades, deeply involved in the important technological developments of that period, from the debut of the LP to the transition to file-based music. And AES will be there for the next generation of developments that will impact how we as people relate to sound in the future.

For further information on the 135th AES International Convention, and to register for your free Exhibits-Plus badge or the premium All-Access badge, please visit http://www.aes.org/events/135/.

Enhance the Convention Experience with Free “AES Mobile Convention – AES New York 2013” Mobile App

— App for handheld devices provides several tools to help navigate the 135th AES Convention —

New York, NY, October 14, 2013 — The sheer number of events and exhibitors at the 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York City) can be daunting, but the free “AES Mobile Convention – AES New York 2013” app is here to help.

Available for iOS devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as Android devices, the app provides the following tools to enhance your event experience:

The Dashboard keeps you organized with up-to-the-minute Exhibitor, Speaker, and Event information
My Schedule organizes your schedule with one click
Alerts allow you to receive important real-time communications from the AES
Keep up with industry news on LinkedIn and Facebook groups
Built-in Twitter feed to follow and join in on the show chatter
Rate the sessions you attend and comment on them, too
Interactively locate Companies you want to visit on the Floor Plan Map
Connect with your colleagues using the Friends feature

To download it for free today, please visit http://www.aes.org/mobile/. For further information on the 135th AES International Convention, and to register for your free Exhibits-Plus badge or the premium All-Access badge, please visit http://www.aes.org/events/135/.

135th Audio Engineering Society Convention to Feature Session on Live Audio Drama and Narration

— “Stories for the Ears: Live Audio Drama and Narration” will feature some of the industry’s top voice talent
and award-winning works —

New York, NY, October 14, 2013 — The 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York City) will feature the event “Stories for the Ears: Live Audio Drama and Narration,” Friday, October 18, 2013, 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM, at The Paley Center for Media. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Seating is limited, first-come-first-seated. The event, hosted by Bob Kaliban (CBS Mystery Theater) and presented by the HEAR Now Festival and SueMedia Productions in conjunction with the Audio Engineering Society (AES), features an evening of live audio/radio drama along with narrative readings celebrating the art of sonic storytelling.

The program will feature performances by Audie Award-winning and Golden Voice narrators Jim Dale, Katherine Kellgren, Robin Miles and Barbara Rosenblat, and the award winning NY-based audio drama troupe VoiceScapes Audio Theater.

For more information on this event, please visit http://www.aes.org/events/135/specialevents/?ID=3759. For further information on the 135th AES International Convention, and to register for your free Exhibits-Plus badge or the premium All-Access badge, please visit http://www.aes.org/events/135/.

About the featured performers:

Bob Kaliban has been a voice actor for more than 40 years, having been a regular on programs like CBS Mystery Theater. Bob has also performed in ads, cartoons (School House Rock), television, movies, on Broadway, in video games and more.
Jim Dale has won a record ten Audie Awards, including “Narrator of the Year 2001/5/7/8” and “Audio Book of the Year 2004,” plus two GRAMMY® Awards and seven nominations. He holds two Guinness World Records: 1. Creating 146 different character voices for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 2. Occupying the first six places in the “Top Ten Audio Books of America.” He has performed on Broadway and won a “Best Actor” TONY® Award for Barnum, along with five additional TONY Nominations and four Drama Desk Awards. Jim is also an Academy Award® Nominee for writing the lyrics for the title song to Georgy Girl.
Katherine Kellgren is a multi-Audie Award winning Golden Voice Narrator who is an audiobook fan favorite because of her no-holds-barred portrayals of characters. Her aptitude with accents is extraordinary. From drunken Scotsman to high-born ladies, Katherine fully embodies all the characters in every book she reads.
Robin Miles began her career as a dancer and actress who found her way to audiobook narration in the early 2000s. An Audie Award-winning and Golden Voice narrator, her works have included Brother, I’m Dying; Half of a Yellow Sun; and Roots. Among her stage credits are The Violet Hour on Broadway and works by Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw, Euripides, and Brecht at venues like The Public Theater, The Ensemble Studio Theatre and The Yale Repertory Theatre. Robin is also a voice coach and teacher.
Barbara Rosenblat has been described as “the Meryl Streep of audiobooks” by the NY Times. She is a multi-Audie Award-winning and Golden Voice narrator whose extraordinary range of accents and characterizations in a distinguished body of work (more than 400 titles to date) makes her one of the most sought after and beloved narrators of audiobooks in the country. On Broadway, Barbara created the role of Mrs. Medlock in the TONY Award-winning musical The Secret Garden. She returned to Broadway in the critically acclaimed revival of Eric Bogosian’s dark comedy Talk Radio starring Liev Schreiber. In the gaming world her voice can be heard in Grand Theft Auto. Currently she is a featured cast member on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black (as Miss Rosa).
VoiceScapes Audio Theater is a troupe of audio actors, directors, sound engineers, writers, and producers who perform original works of fantasy comedy, and more. They will be performing their award-winning original audio play It Always Feels Like Monday. Additionally, VoiceScapes will present the award-winning comedy short Best Friends Forever. Manual live and recorded sound effects and music give VoiceScapes Audio Theater’s performances a ‘cinematic sound’ quality.

About the presenters:

The HEAR Now Festival is the audio equivalent of a film festival for contemporary audio story-telling in all its forms: live and scripted shows, solo and multi-voiced performances, classic radio drama, experimental narrative, and much much more. The Festival happens every June in Kansas City, Missouri.
SueMedia Productions specializes in Transmedia Storytelling. An Audie Award-winning company, they create fully realized soundscapes for all of their projects. Additional awards for their audio productions include The Gracies, Communicator Awards, International Festival of Radio Awards and many more.


Ocean location features on-site lessons, new repair services, and vast inventory selection


Guitar Center has opened its 253rd store location in the U.S.
GC Garage service will provide a much-needed range of musical instrument repair services
GC Studios, first-ever GC lessons facility in Ocean to support local music scene, is at the store, located at 2323 New Jersey 66, Ocean, NJ 07712

(Los Angeles, CA) – Guitar Center, the world’s largest retailer of guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, recording, live sound, DJ and lighting equipment, opened its 253rd location, in Ocean, New Jersey, on September 26, 2013. The store, located at 2323 New Jersey 66, Ocean, NJ 07712, is also part of a new wave of Guitar Center retail stores that feature lesson spaces, which allows GC to offer additional music lessons, special programs and expanded opportunities for local musicians.


Vast Product Selection and Low Prices – Guitar Center Ocean brings an unprecedented selection of products to Ocean, all backed by Guitar Center’s guarantee and available at attractive prices. The store features the latest in guitars, amplifiers, percussion instruments and keyboards, as well as live sound, DJ, lighting and recording equipment.
Guitar Center Studios – Deeply vested in expanding and enhancing the local music scene, Guitar Center Ocean also brings Guitar Center Studios to the new location. The fully-equipped, in-house lesson space is giving area residents of all ages and skill levels access to affordable music lessons. Sourcing locally trained store employees as certified instructors, courses will be offered on guitar, bass, keys and drums, as well as vocals and recording techniques using Pro Tools, Logic Pro and GarageBand.
Guitar Center Garage – Guitar Center Ocean includes GC Garage, the store’s on-site guitar repair service, offering a host of services, including electronics repair, hardware customization, fretwork, structural repairs, cosmetic enhancements, setup and maintenances.

Guitar Center Ocean: Additional In-Store Programs and Opportunities Include:

Guitar Center’s “Endless Aisle” – Ocean customers can now shop from Guitar Center’s new multi-channel “endless aisle,” which extends the in-store inventory to over $400 million in new and used products from across the nation. Shoppers will be able to purchase in-store, online and via phone, with the option to have products shipped to their home or to the store for convenient pick up.
At: Guitar Center Programs – Throughout the calendar year, Guitar Center Ocean will host an array of free events, such as artist workshops, lessons, product launches and performances, as a part of the company’s ongoing commitment to educating and assisting unsigned artists. These programs aim to provide musicians with the opportunities and exposure essential to achieving their music goals.
Recording Made Easy – Available at all Guitar Center locations, the Recording Made Easy program is a four-week, user-friendly series of weekly classes occurring Saturdays from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

In addition to special programs at the new Ocean store, Guitar Center offers year-round programs designed to spearhead creativity and highlight promising undiscovered talent. Ocean residents will now be able to participate in these ongoing events from their hometown. Programs have included Your Next Record, Guitar Center On-Stage, Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter, Guitar Center’s Battle of the Blues and Guitar Center’s Drum-Off.

Guitar Center Ocean Store and Studio Hours
Mon-Sat: 10 AM-8 PM
Sun: 11 AM-6 PM

Special Events to Be Highlighted at the 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention

— The GRAMMY SoundTables® event, the Platinum Producers Panel, the economics of record production, reality-TV sound, the Project Studio Expo, keynotes and presentations from Jimmy Jam, Bruce Swedien,
Young Guru and more are in store —

New York, NY, October 11, 2013 — The schedule of special events is full at the 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York City). Attendees at the show will be treated to a wide range of events featuring leaders from every category of pro audio.

• Keynotes begin on Thursday, Oct. 17, with opening remarks and welcomes from AES Executive Director Bob Moses, AES President Frank Wells and AES Convention Chair Jim Anderson and a presentation, “Understanding Audition via Sound Synthesis,” from noted researcher Josh McDermott, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT. The next day, five-time GRAMMY® Award winner Jimmy Jam will address “The Current and Future Direction of the Recording Process from an Artist, Engineer, and Producer’s Perspective.” On Saturday, five-time GRAMMY winner and 13-time GRAMMY nominee Bruce Swedien will hold a candid talk, “I Have No Secrets.”

• The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing® will present its annual GRAMMY SoundTables® event on Saturday, October 19, from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm in Room 1E15/16. This year’s presentation is titled “What Would Ramone Do?” Hosted by BJ Ramone and Elliot Scheiner, this educational and inspirational career retrospective will delve into the music, creativity, and vision of legendary 14-time GRAMMY Award winning producer/engineer/technologist Phil Ramone. Presenters include Jimmy Jam, Bob Ludwig, Al Schmitt, Frank Filipetti, Leslie Ann Jones, Jim Boyer, Jill Dell’Abate & Rob Mathes, Peter Chaikin and Mark Ethier.

• The musical continuum, and its role in music production, comes into focus at this year’s Platinum Producers Panel, Saturday, October 19, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (Room 1E15/16). How does an understanding of music’s past, present, and future serve the producer in their quest to fully realize the artist’s vision? We’ll go deep with this elite panel of Jeff Jones (Eric Clapton, Wynton Marsalis, Norah Jones), ROBOPOP (Gym Class Heroes, Maroon 5, Lana Del Ray), and Dave Tozer (John Legend, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake), and moderated by David Weiss (Founder/Editor of SonicScoop). Their collective experience spans decades and has produced hit singles and albums in rock, R&B, hip-hop, pop, jazz, and beyond. From their application of classic techniques to late-breaking revelations, this trio of hit makers will provide inside information on tracking, mixing, mastering, and getting the very best out of artists in the studio.

• This year’s Platinum Engineers Panel, which takes places on Friday, October 18, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (Room 1E15/16), will be moderated by Justin Colletti (SonicScoop). The panel will feature four of the industry’s leading engineers and mixers, who will examine their own works and offer insights into how great records are created. The lineup is scheduled to include: Chris Coady (The Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, TV on the Radio); Patrick Dillett (David Byrne and St. Vincent, Fatboy Slim, Mariah Carey, Notorious B.I.G.); Tom Elmhirst (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen); and Manny Marroquin (Bruno Mars, Kanye West, John Mayer).

• On Sunday, October 20, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm in Room 1E15/16, Young Guru will present “Era of the Engineer.” Revered as “The Sound of New York,” Young Guru possesses over a decade of experience in sound engineering and production for the acclaimed Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam Recordings. Through his lecture and demo series, Guru examines the recent emergence of a new generation of do-it-yourself engineers, analyzing and demonstrating what it means for the culture at large.

• “Producing Across Generations: New Challenges, New Solutions—Making Records for Next to Nothing in the 21st Century” will bring studio veterans Nick Sansano, Frank Filipetti, Jesse Lauter, Carter Matschullat, Bob Power and Hank Shocklee together to open the discussion about artist empowerment and shaping one’s destiny.

• “The State of Mastering” gets its due via a panel consisting of some the category’s biggest names, including Moderator Bob Ludwig, Sterling Sound’s Greg Calbi, Darcy Proper from Wisseloord Studios, Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab and Tim Young from Metropolis Mastering, who will discuss how mastering now encompasses prepping music for streaming, special “Mastered for iTunes” downloads, and high-resolution files for vinyl disk cutting, HDtracks, and Pure Audio Blu-ray masters.

• Find out what’s happening on the broadcast audio front when the DTV Audio Group Forum gets together to focus on the shifting landscape in TV audio brought about by the transition to multi-platform mobile and fixed streaming content delivery. You can also sit in as the Broadcast & Streaming Media Track presents “Sound for Deadliest Catch—Reality Is Hard Work.”

• Don’t have a million-dollar multiroom recording facility? The AES Show has you covered: presented in conjunction with Sound On Sound magazine, the second annual Project Studio Expo will bring together the top people, tools, and techniques for the DIY recordist.

“Those coming to this year’s AES Convention will be very pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of the special events we’ve planned around the show,” says AES Executive Director Bob Moses. “There’s something for everyone, and a wide range of pro audio aspects are reflected in these special-event sessions. You’re going to like what you see, hear and experience.”

A complete list of the very special events at the upcoming AES Convention can be found here. For further information on the 135th AES International Convention, and to register for your free Exhibits-Plus badge or the premium All-Access badge, please visit http://www.aes.org/events/135/.


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